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Selasa, 07 September 2010

Mai Shiranui versi girl/ manusia COSPLAY sexy Full


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BONNE JENET (Fatal Fury / King of Fighters) –

*This list is of my personal choice and not copied from somewhere else. There is no particular order in this list except alphabetically. *Please do check out my related photo album for more pics of these hotties. I hope you like this list. Hehe.
1. BAIKEN (Guilty Gear) –
Aside from Guilty Gear fans, nobody knows much of Baiken. But in spite of this, no one could argue that she doesn’t deserve a spot on the hottest video game characters. She is definitely a hot samurai. Despite losing her left eye, she still can handle the katana with amazing skill. This makes this sexy samurai SMOKIN’ HOT, aside from her obviously sexy bod.

2. BONNE JENET (Fatal Fury / King of Fighters) –
Who said pirates aren’t hot?! Aside from stealing treasure, she has definitely stolen my heart into putting her into this list. This pretty pirate surely has some treasure chests! ^_^

3. CAMMY WHITE (Street Fighter) -
This British beauty has been around for more than a decade and is still rockin’ it! She would bash into her enemies using her body (to the secret delight of her foes). This beautiful blonde of Street Fighter fame will surely delight fans old and new alike.

4. JILL VALENTINE (Resident Evil) –
Jill Valentine always completes a list of hottest videogame characters, so I’ll definitely not pass on her. Everybody loves Raccoon City’s most beautiful lady (considering that the others have fallen victim to the T-virus)… girls love to be her and boys simply love her. She will certainly make you drool like a zombie. I personally love her in her S.T.A.R.S. uniform. ^_~

5. MAI SHIRANUI (Fatal Fury / King of Fighters) -
Mai Shiranui is a must in every hot list. I think SNK did a little bit too much to challenge CAPCOM’s sexiest bet, Chun Li. The “Mai – Chun Li rivalry” is always present in every video game wherein these two hotties clash together. But my winner in this hot list is Mai, don’t you agree? She is too hot to be a ninja, but she is.

6. MILLIA RAGE (Guilty Gear) -
Just like Mai is too hot to be a ninja, Millia is too hot to be a former assassin. What have these video game gals been doing?! Hehe. Beware her hair. This is her weapon… aside from her cute face. But despite this, I like her so much that I must put her in this list, or else she might strangle me! ^_^

7. SAKURA KASUGANO (Street Fighter / Rival Schools) -
Everybody knows Sakura as that Ryu-fanatic schoolgirl. She has even managed to somehow copy some of Ryu’s moves. Oooohhh I just love that Japanese schoolgirl uniform. Come on. I know you love it, too. Hehe! Sakura’s cuteness, innocence, and comic relief make her part of my top ten. She can Shoryuken bad guys at the same time be a good gal.

8. SAMUS ARAN (Metroid) –
At first, I thought that Metroid’s protagonist was a guy. Turns out I was mistaken. It’s a girl! And a hot one, too! Wowie! Underneath that power suit is a sexy blonde named Samus Aran! This athletic, gun-slinging spacewoman hunts down aliens while doing missions given by the Galactic Federation. Samus Aran is one of the earliest female protagonists in the history of video games. She’s been around for lightyears and is still hot as ever! Move over, Lara Croft! Samus Aran is in the house. ^_^

9. SOPHITIA ALEXANDRA (Soul series) -
Sophitia has been in many hot lists: UGO.com’s Top 50 Videogame Hotties; Maxim’s 17 Hottest Video Game Babes of 2008; Tom’s Game’s 50 Greatest Female Characters in Video Game History; GameDaily’s Top 50 Hottest Game Babes; and GameSpy’s Top 10 Babes in Games… just to name a few. She will surely not miss a spot in MY list! This Athenian swordswoman always makes me feel warm inside whenever I see her… her angelic face, her hot body, all guys would fall for her. I did… head over heels! Jaw-dropping, indeed. Maxim calls her “literally, the best thing since sliced bread.” Tom’s Games calls her “a virtuous heroin who’s as brave as she is cute. And she can cook, too.” I simply call her “mine.” ^_^

10. TIFA LOCKHART (Final Fantasy VII) –
Tifa shares a spot with Sophitia in Tom’s Games and UGO.com’s list, as well as in GameSpot’s 10 best female characters list. She is simply HOT. She is very famous among guys and gals alike for her sexy outfit, natural assets, long dark hair, beautiful face, sex appeal, and unforgettable personality. She looks better and better with each subsequent release. Tifa totally rocks!

Kelly Brook As Princess Leia IS VERRY SEXY Boob

Sexy Police Women Part II

Sexy Police Women Part II

Our last Sexy Police Women Special was a huge succes. Here is Part Two With a lot of Sexy Police Women.

Sexy Police Woman
Khloe Kardashian, 2008
Police women
3 sexy police women
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Police Girl
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your new handcuffs
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Dalida - Charger
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Mihaela Girbea

kUNGFU FIGTHER Sexy Girls in Costumes

Sexy Girls in Costumes


Cheese Girls verry sexy WOW

Cheese Girls are a common way to promote cheese, that’s a known fact in the Cheese Marketing World. The French refined that method with their own look on Cheese Girls. Take some very sexy girls an let them sell the Cheese. If you don’t like Cheese you still got a very unique birthday calendar for in the toilet.