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Jumat, 08 Januari 2010

dowload sofware editing foto

FaceOnBody 2.4?? FaceOnBody 2.4 merupakan salah satu tool untuk memanipulasi gambar agar terlihat seperti nyata. Seperti mengganti wajah orang lain dengan wajah yang kita kehendaki. Keren sob, berikut contoh hasil nya :

Some things will always be funny. Like dancing animals, splitting pants, toilet humor - and, of course, your boss's head on a chick's body. Thus the birth of FaceOnBody.FaceOnBody is a tool that allows you to swapp faces .

FaceOnBody is the only software in the universe designed specifically to put any face on any body. With any Windows-based system, you can transport the faces of your friends, classmates and co-workers to the most glamorous, sexy, seedy, hilarious places you can imagine. All you need is your digital photos and a little imagination. FaceOnBody does the rest.

FaceOnBody lets you take your digital photographs to a whole new level. FaceOnBody is the absolute easiest way to transform all those digital photos of friends and family into truly hilarious images you can share. 

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