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Selasa, 23 Maret 2010

Cewek tercantik sepanjang sejarah!!!

Women Sexual Arousal

a lot more women think about their body, the faster they become sexually aroused. The experienced experts and therapists is already known, but now it is also demonstrated for the first time in a real scientific research. The study by psychologists from the University of Texas at Austin will appear in the Archives of Sexual Behavior.
sexy-womenThe relationship between body image and interest in sex is not a completely unexplored area. The existing studies relate to women who have undergone operations which doctors believe they reduce interest in sex. Those studies show that women are more beautiful, the easier they get meaning in sex. Although websites, magazines and newspapers bulge of documents on sex, there has never been a study similar to ordinary women.
The researchers did a test with 85 students, all sexually active. Half of them had a serious relationship.
With questionnaires, the researchers determined how the students thought about their bodies. They asked the women how long and heavy they were, and determined their BMI.
Then the researchers showed the women an erotic story to read. That story was “developed in our laboratory, specifically written for female readers, and described a man and a woman engaging in consensual foreplay and intercourse. [Go ahead. "Developed in our laboratory. That must have been a terrible story horny.]

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