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Senin, 21 Juni 2010

Foto marshanda 2010 sanagt heboh seperti sexy bitch


New Sexy Marshanda Appearance

foto Marshanda

Marshanda was a very matter of attention to appearance. According to the chacha, greeting familiar Marshanda, changes in appearance now made to look more 'Girly'.

foto seksi Marshanda

"Because I not use something girly, dressy. For lighting I select a soft," he said, when found in Jalan Raya Pertani, Kalibata, Pasar Minggu, South Jakarta, Saturday (30 / 5).

foto sexy MarshandaMarshanda bugilMarshanda telanjang

"Because of the first my hair color and black and hold accidental release single again, therefore I am change," augment him.
For Ben lovers Kasyafani, the problem is related to hair attract in the fashion world. Marshanda wants to build the image appearance concept, not origin-derived.

toket Marshanda

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