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Rabu, 19 Mei 2010

Model Magazine Marlin Taroreh

Marlin Taroreh is 165 height and 52 kg weight model from Manado. She was born in Timor Leste April 18th 1987. Her sizes: T-shirt: S, bra: 34B and pants: 28. These are her sexiest swimsuit photos from Popular magazine.

Marlin Taroreh

foto telanjang Marlin Taroreh

toket gede Marlin Taroreh

model telanjangmodel bispakfoto model bugil

Making music video models impact on girls' body image?

Researchers at the University of Sussex, leader Dr Helga Dittmar, found that the use of ultra-thin models in music videos can lead girls to develop poor body image. The article was published in the Journal of the body image.

Who was in the studio? Girls 87 years of age 16-19 years were randomized into groups. A third watched music videos with the Pussycat Dolls and Girls Aloud, famous for being thin and attractive. Another third of the participants were invited to listen to music but not watch the videos. The latter group was asked only to learn a list of neutral words. The three groups of questions that were asked to recall what they have heard or seen. Answers measured levels of self-esteem, satisfaction and morale of the body.

The Scoop: After just 10 minutes of exposure, the researchers found that the groups who saw the clip with the thin, attractive stars, had the largest increase in body dissatisfaction compared to those who simply songs to complete the list of memory, with neutral words. In addition, and perhaps most troubling, no matter whether the girls had high or low self-esteem first? All were also affected.

The problem: The girls in these icons of the music video for what it should aspire to be. See the very thin celebrities can make the girls feel "less" and wonder how they can never look like their heroes. Girls tend to food, poor nutrition, and other extremes of weight loss.

The media are everywhere. Even when it does not look, we see every day. How the ultra-thin models, singers, actresses, and artists are portrayed in the media do not seem to have a profound impact on how girls perceive and evaluate their bodies.

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