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Rabu, 19 Mei 2010

Sexy indonesian Artist Decy Erlita in Sexy Lingerie

Decy Erlita

Decy Erlita bugil

Decy Erlita telanjang

foto bugil Decy Erlita

foto telanjang Decy Erlita

Name : Decy Erlita
Born : Bogor, 31 December 1981
Hobie : Singing,
Measurement : 171 CM/50 KG
Idol : Keanu Reves, Bard Pitt dan Jim Carry
Bra / Hips : 36 A/27
Filmografi : Kalau Cinta Sudah Bicara', 'Tersanjung 6', 'Chanda' ,'Jelangkung'
Comercial : Carvil, Gajah Toilet, Obat Batuk Kontra Bat

In our life is fast, easy for us so that our dear sensuality decline. Of course, we have a demanding career, children and families who need our love and attention, and a million courses to run and do the housework. Strong relationships with our partners or a boyfriend in the back of activities that comprise our lives.

It does not take much, however, to rediscover our sensuality and again ignite our enthusiasm. Buy sizzling hot lingerie will work almost all the time. You do not need to be a famous Hollywood actress or a model from New York to get the attention of your man by the clothes and the clothes you wear. There are ways to add a little spice to your love life. You just need a little time, privacy, and some sizzling hot Undies.

Nobody has enough time, so I have to make a point to plan some time for you and your men to be together. If you do not have children, it is relatively easy to reserve one night a month for a special date night. If you have children or adolescents, and thus invented grandparents. More a dream for their children in the house of the grandmother.

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