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Rabu, 19 Mei 2010

Tika T2 Kemben Melorot keliahatan putingnya.

T2 telanjang bareng

T2 bugil bareng

T2 kemben melorot


foto T2

foto bugil T2

foto telanjang T2

With earlier successful, T2 (Tika dan Tiwi) duet return to work on new clip video. This times them recycle Tua–Tua Keladi song that property of Anggun C Sasmi.

Recorded this is will be fourth T2 video clip that called as bridge between first album with second album later. This video clip is take full color nuance eighties concept, appear firm with Tio Pakusadewo and Rudy Wowor presence come up as model.

Halter neck bikinis, on the other hand are better suited to women with large breasts. If your size bra is a C cup or more, while this style definitively and provide better support they need. In general, the straps are wider than the style of the spaghetti straps and triangle bikinis not dig anywhere near your shoulders as much.

Bandeau bikini style differs from the triangle and halter neck styles, because the upper part is made of one piece of material covering her breasts as a banda. In fact, the way his name is derived.

Because the weight of your breasts are supported by the banda equipment, bandeau bikinis are thin straps, or both, without a strap or straps usually asymmetrical at all. This style of bikini that works best for smaller breasts because of the lack of breasts appear larger shoulders sag.

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